Sunday, July 18, 2010

Me and Mahesh Tutorials....

Some students were surprised the other day (in XII Arts Class) when I told them that I had taught in Mahesh Tutorials till 2006. One of them asked me why did I join Mahesh Tutorials and not Nayak's tutorials. So I thought I would write something about that part of my life...
I joined Mahesh Tutorials way back in 1993. At that time they had only one branch in Mulund. Soon they started one more branch in Chembur.(...And Nayak's Tutorials did not exist then....) For quite sometime these were only the branches they had... Eventually Thane and Ghatkopar branches happened. They the explosion came somewhere around 2002-03... Suddenly there were MT branches opening all around. It was BOOM time. The growth was rapid and the strides were large. It became one of the best institutions to work for.
I remember when I had joined there were just a 'handful' of people. Literally a small family environment existed in the Institution....
The colleagues I recollect working together were....
Mahesh Shetty (he is the founder of MT...he used to teach Maths in those days... I don't remember Algebra or Geometry. Today I think he owns it entirely by himself... a businessman at heart)
Narayanan Iyer (he used to teach Geometry.... an Engineer by background, he was once the 'Right Hand' man of Mahesh Shetty.... recently disassociated from MT)
Manoj Nayak....(he was once a student of Mahesh Sir... later became a Maths teacher with MT and eventually went on to form his own NAYAKS Tutorials ... popular as NT)
Murli H. (he used to teach Physics.... still associated with MT at management level)
Shiva Muthuswamy (used to teach Maths at MT.... later went on to start MENSA COMMERCE CLASSES)
Rajesh Sahgal (used to teach Physics... studied Managment from XLRI... went into Corporate world)
Anthony Sir (used to teach English... later started his ANTHONY's FOR ARTS..)
Manel Shekhar Subba (used to teach Marathi... I think he is still teaching at MT)
Dwivedi (used to teach Hindi... still with MT)
Bhavesh Nagda (used to teach Chemistry at MT... later started his VBs Science Group Tuitions)
Chandresh Fooria (used to teach Physics .... later became the head of MT-Science)
Murtaza (used to teach Maths... later started MURTAZA-SANDEEPs Group tuitions.. which was later rechristened as the VEDANT Tutorials.... eventually quit teaching, did management from a University in China and went into the Corporate world)
Vipul Shah (as far as I remember.... he used to teach physics initially and later maths or vice-versa.... still associated with MT .. but now at management level)
I can remember these many people....
I am sure there were some more....
It was wonderful years growing up with an institution of the calibre of Mahesh Tutorials...
As one can see most of the classes that exist in Mulund.... had in the past, their founders worked in MT in different capacities...
I all these I will surely not forget to mention... the person who handled many many things in the classes.... Prakash Lohakare... (joined the classes as a teenage boy... later had a great amount of responsibility... but when the classes grew into an institution... there was no place for him.... the system gradually displaced him...he went on to start his own classes in Dombivili)
I joined MT ... somewhere in the winter of 1993... I worked with the Institution for the next 13 years... discontinued in October 2006... I had my own personal reasons for leaving... Inspite of the petty politics, that one finds in any organization of the size of MT... It is one of the good institutions I have worked for and I am glad that I had known in my lifetime... people like Mahesh Sir, Narayan Sir, and much later Mr. V.K.Shetty ( the amount of transformation he brought to the institution was extra-ordinary)....
Jayesh Sethia (hope I got his surname right....) and Sanjeev Kumar joined later... and so did many others like Prabhakar Shetty.... ( they are still associated with the Institution)
From a small 'classes'... it has undergone metamorphosis into a Giant Institution of the calibre of a 'brand' in Mumbai region..... all due to the 'Vision' of one man......Mahesh Sir. I am glad I had known once as one fine man.
(All things written and opinions expressed here are my own view-points and if any contradictions exist, they are not known to me and not created intentionally.... I express my regrets for any contradictions if any)


  1. I have been a student with MT, a part of the 1996 batch..n u taught us Bio..n still remember the lectures, extremely hilarious yet you still teach sir?
    Vishal Amberkar (J J Academy 1996 batch)

  2. DDBODO - Deficiency Disease Because of the Deficiency Of..
    Those were the days in the Summer of 2000! MT still continues to be the best Institution I've ever attended - Harish Thangaraj (SB118, 2001 Batch, Mulund (W) branch! :P

  3. Nayaks is one class ...I wish it becomes a nationwide best class.

  4. Hi Babu sir, u taught me Science and i want to wish u a very Happy teachers day because you are one of my favorite teachers.